iSpring Free!

iSpring is a great piece of software, it allows you to easily embed flash files into MS PowerPoint.   Now before anyone starts commenting that you can do this for yourself using the toolkit options of PowerPoint – it isn’t easy and it’s not always activated.   

iSpring Free's toolbar in PowerPoint

iSpring Free's toolbar

iSpring Free takes care of the hard work for you and comes with a bonus feature (and it’s main purpose) of allowing you to convert your PowerPoint files directly to flash webpages.   iSpring Free will even maintain links when it does so.

Why do you need to convert PowerPoint? 

  • Not everyone uses Microsoft Office so they need to be able to view your presentation in something more accesibly.   Adobe Flash is on something like 99.95% of the world’s computers (but not the iPhone – c’mon Mr Jobs, give up your anti-Flash campaign).
  • When sending your presentation to people via email or posting it somewhere online, PowerPoints can very quickly get very big.  If you incldue photos in your powerpoint, don’t be surprised when they top 50 Mb.   No one is going to thank you for trying to download that.   iSpring converts and reduces (I sound like an advert don’t I!? – I’m not being paid for this)

Ultimately, if you use PowerPoints (whether you’re in education or not) and you need to link to them via an intranet or VLE, give iSpring a try.   It’s free, easy to use, free and produces a good quality resource.   And did I mention it’s free?

Oh, and allows you to link directly to youtube videos inside your presentation, no internet windows that open behind your slides.

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