Screen recording tools have been around for a while, but Jing is a nice, easy to use free one.

Jing's logo

 From the makers of Camtasia, the free version of Jing sits on your desktop as a little yellow sun/bubble at the top of the screen.   It ties into your computer’s microphone and will record whatever size of desktop you ask it to.  

You can:

  • Dictate through a powerpoint.
  • Record a tutorial on how to use specific software.
  • Get your students to make recordings of their work/designs and have them explain their decisions.  Great for their e-portfolios!

Jing saves as a flash SWF file, which some school security systems may block users from opening directly.   SWF files are designed to be play through web pages.  If you get stuck, use this simple web page to play your file.  When you save the link to your computer, edit it in Notepad and follow the instructions to use it with your Jing file.  Or alternatively, buy Jing Pro, which will save you that bit of time and allow you to make video podcasts!



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