Windows Snipping Tool


A great free program for screen grabs

Some software isn’t glamorous or particularly mind-blowing; some just make your life that little bit easier.  Windows Snipping tool is this type of software and what it does, it does really, really well.

Preinstalled on Windows 7 and free to download for Windows Vista, the snipping tool allows you to very quickly grab a still image from your screen.   Excellent for highlighting eror messages for IT Support, for pasting images into PowerPoint or even WordPress blogs :),

The images can be sent directly to email, or saved, or annotated.

4 Responses to Windows Snipping Tool

  1. Tim Dolan says:

    For those who are using Windows XP there is an alternative to the Snipping tool called Snippy

    Also I am pretty sure that the Snipping tool is pre-installed in Vista as well.

  2. Graham Quince says:

    How strange. I only found it myself when I upgraded my work laptop to 7. I came straight home and tried it out on Vista Home Premium (is that what it’s called?) and had no luck. Oh well, at least it exists in some form.
    Thanks for the tip about an XP option though. Most schools are still running XP and I did feel a bit concerned about suggesting something others couldn’t use.

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