Green Valley / Canopus ADVC 55

This is probably the most expensive “thing” I’m going to talk about, but what a difference it makes to my working life.

Green Valley ADVC 55

The ADVC-55 takes in analogue video from almost any source, VHS, Sky+, camcorder and outputs as firewire.  This allows you to take any old video and record it onto a computer. 

The signal is clean, so you won’t have codec issues or anything like that getting in the way.  It’s a great way to keep using those old VHS-ed schools programmes and an even better way to grab all those new documentaries.

THe ADVC-55 comes in at around £120, (warned you it was pricey) but for convenience and ease of use, I can’t reccomend it enough.


One Response to Green Valley / Canopus ADVC 55

  1. […] Impossible to say, but also impossible to do without.   In my previous post about the Canopus ADVC-55, I talked about recording video and TV programmes onto your computer.  […]

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