LiveWeb – Web pages in PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is a great presentation tool but I often advise against teachers using it.  It’s nothing to do with Microsoft or compatibility.  Even the iPad can show PowerPoints so if Steve Jobs says they’re ok…

The reason (mega-corp rantings aside) I advise not to use it is often educators will want to link to a web page or resource and PowerPoint tends to be unpredictable about how it handles that link.   Because you present from PowerPoint fullscreen sometimes when you click a link to open a web page it pops up behind the presenation. 

If only there was a way, some sort of plugin for PowerPoint that allowed you to view web pages in a slide, just like a movie.  Oh wait…

LiveWeb's user interface

LiveWeb is a free Add-In for our favourite presentation tool (yes I got fed up typing PowerPoint) that once installed allows you to view web pages just like videos.   You can even link to documents on your computer (although it is a little awkward). 

Personally I’d love it if the designer would add an internet toolbar so you could go backwards and forwards move easily, but other than that, this is a great tool and very handy in presentations.

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