Not really a new tip

If all goes well, you will have no idea that I’m posting this while sitting drinking coffee and enjoying Starbucks’ free Wi-Fi.   I’m experimenting a little with the WordPress App on my HTC Desire Android phone you see.

I’ll take this opportunity to share an anecdote (I think that’s joke/story that’s meant to be [but really isn’t] funny).  Just before the end of term, an email was sent round to all staff.  Someone had just bought themselves the new iPhone4 and didn’t know how to use it.   Apparently when you first get a iPhone it’s like getting an iPod in that you have to plug it into a computer to activate it).  Unfortunately for this unfortunate her old home computer couldn’t quite handle iTunes and she was blocked from installing the software on her school computer.   So she asks for help getting started.  HTC Desire

You see the staff at the phone store (you can probably guess which one – BT’s offshoot, bubbles…) neglected to mention to their customer about the computer requirements for using her new phone.

In fairness, my phone company (just a number, 1+2) also didn’t mention any computer requirements when I got my phone, but then I didn’t need to activate mine via computer.

Apple are great innovators but they do seem to excise flexibility.   The iPhone may have been revolutionary, but it was (and is) so expensive.   And Google’s Android has caught up in both design and power.

My phone has features that match iPhone.  You can install Apps , just like the iPhone.  It plays music and video (more formats than the iPhone) and of course it has Flash, just like…oh wait. 

So why is it, that most of the other cuatomers in this coffee house are using iPhones?  Marketing?   Biggest brand?  Trendy-ness?  Free phone bumpers?

Yes to all of the above and it also doesn’t help that HTC already have two newer models than the Desire.   Slow down guys, let people latch onto one of them.

OK, rant over, normal service will resume shortly, but let me leave you with this request: 

When you next buy a mobile, ask yourself this: “what do you actually want with your smartphone?”

Check out the competition before running straight to Apple.

And what do I actually want with my smartphone?

“Latte please, shot of vanilla syrup and a blueberry muffin.”


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