Giveaway of the Day

Samson had his hair*, Superman the Sun and Sheldon Cooper his staggering intelligence.   Now it’s time to reveal the source of my power.

Giveaway of the Day

I discovered this website a couple of years ago and it has proved invaluable.

GotD uses viral marketing to promote new software.   Every day for 24 hours only, it offers a piece of free software.  For free.   No money required.  The catch is, you have to download and install the software within those 24 hours. 

The viral marketing bit kicks in with the idea that if you like the software, you tell everyone about it.   But if you wait, it’s no longer free, so they have to buy it.  Clever eh?    

The worst bit though is when you choose to upgrade your own computer, then you lose all your cool, free software.  And if you’ve come to rely on it, you have little choice but to buy it.

If you start checking Giveaway on  regular basis, you will notice that most days, if not most weeks, the software offered isn’t very useful, but I’d say about once a quarter I find a nugget of gold.  Visiting the site is a little like playing the lottery though, there is a fear that develops that if you miss a day, your numbers will come up / you’ll miss out on something realy good. 

It’s a very clever scheme and I wouldn’t have discovered half the software in the 20 tips series without it.  So there, now you know my secret.  Fortunately, you still don’t know my Kryptonite.  I’d be very silly indeed to let slip it was Krispy Kreme donuts.    Oops.

* I had to include a “classical” reference, otherwise you’d think I was a geek


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