Plugs, sockets and the mighty control switch

When visiting other school studios, the biggest issue I could see was the shear number of cables running across the floor.   These are huge trips hazards which do result in bruised knees, broken arms and destroyed equipment.

When we were designing the TV studio, I was adament that as many plugs as possible would be as high as possible.  The builders thought I was crazy, but I kept pushing. 

When completed, there isn’t a cable that runs across the floor with the exception of the two running from the cameras.   It means anyone, no matter how distracted cannot trip and hurt themselves (or much more importantly the equipment 🙂 ).

Of course, this presents another issue.   How do you turn on and off all the lights without a step-ladder?

With a Master Switch of course!

This may seem insiginificant, but it saves so much time.  You walk in, flick the switch, power up the computers and you’re ready to film.

Finally, because we have a separate gallery / control room, in order to pass the video signals from the cameras, we needed some holes in the wall. 

Holes don’t look that nice, but I did find a company called Euronetworks, who for a small fee (something like £1.50 each) built us some custom wall plate cable boxes.

These are just really nice tidy ways of passing all the cable through the wall, without the aforementioned, great big holes.


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