Wii in School

The Internet Channel on the WiiIt’s amazing what happens when people talk to each other.

I’ve written before about using a Nintendo Wii in school, but dear reader, I sorted, may have misled you.   I knew in principal that it was possible to use a Wii connected to a projector in the classroom and that you could connect to the internet, but until today, I hadn’t actually tried it out.

I discovered recently that quite a few departments in school have bought Wii’s to use with purchased games.   MFL use one with French and Spanish versions of regular games.   PE use one as a fun way to introduce new sporting activities and fitness exercises.  Maths have found some educational mathematics games, English have one as well.

The only problem is nobody knew anyone else had one, and not one of them had read my blog!  Sob!   And because of that shocking oversight, they didn’t know that the Wii can play flash files and that myself and our two web designers could make games for the Wii.

Needless to say, mentioning this factoid caused great excitement in a meeting with some staff sketching out games they wanted then and there. 

And I must admit, I stand by all my previous assertions about the Wii.    It was easy to set up*, can take a regular USB keyboard.  So it works almost exactly like a regular PC, but a third of the cost.  We’re not about to rip up our ICT policy when it comes to buying computers, but this definetly opens up new avenues.

Who said computer games don’t get people talking, see what can happen when they do!

*Alright, I did end up taking it home to install the internet, but that was only because of County restrictions.  Once the internet channel was on, everything was easy.


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