Camcorders – the return

This post is both a tip and a “how to build your TV studio”.  Navigating the world of camcorders and their uses in school has been something I’ve commented on before

For those of you who’d prefer not to reread my rants a quick up-to-date:

  1. Ideally in a school we’d use a professional video camera, but they cost upwards of £4000
  2. The next best choice is a 3-CCD camcorder, but the industry has more or less stopped making them
  3. New camcorders record to hard drive, which cannot be easily edited in Adobe Premiere Pro

As a result of the above, I bought up 4 Panasonic NV-GS500 camcorders and have protected them with stark warnings and a nervous disposition whenever they are loaned out.Panasonic HS700

Finally, and fortunately, a new breed of camcorder has come to the rescue of us poor, beleaguered IT specialists.  And it’s Panasonic, once again, that’s leading the cavalry charge. 

Their new range of 3MOS camera sensors not only offers photographic quality video (perfect for greenscreen) but it also records in an open-source codec.

That may not sound like something to get excited about, but that’s MASSIVE! 

What that means is that any editing program which chooses to can edit of the recorded video.  Including Adobe Premiere!

I’ve spent the designers’ acquisitions budget for this year 😦 so cannot take advantage personally of the cool piece of kit,but please don’t wait for me.  Snap them up before they disappear.


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