Microsoft Office – figuring out where all your buttons have gone

Microsoft have made some major changes in their workhorse /cashcow MS Office, in the last decade.

They’ve also changed their education pricing policy quite a bit.  For the longest time, (since MS Office 2003 to be exact) for a school of our size, it would have cost nearly £30,000 to upgrade outright to MS 2007 or 2010 (yes, there are payment schemes but they added up to more once you took everything into account). 

Anyway, now Microsoft have change their educational pricing.  I think slashed may be a better term.  I don’t know the precise figures, but its roughly 10% of what it used to be.  So we’re upgrading.   There are some really nice new features about 2010, but there are also some huge layout changes.

I like exploring, tinkering and generally nosing around new software, but the changes have left me totally confused.   That’s when I turned to the internet.  And found this great resource – Interactive Guide to menu and toolbar commands – It’s a series of Flash (sorry Silverlight) reproductions of Office 2003 products.  

For instance, if you want to find where Headers and footers have gone, you navigate in 2003 guide to Headers and footers, the screen changes to where the button is in 2010.  

MS Office 2003 - headers and footers

MS Office 2010 - headers and footers

Nice, simple and quite clever.   Every so often big companies have really sensible ideas.


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