Quick tip: What the font

A great new series of tutorials has started on CreativeCOW.net which I’m going to be following with interest, called The Best of Free in which industry professionals are taking the time to point of free resources they use to make their lives and work better and easier.

Sounds familiar. 🙂

The very first tutorial by Kevin P. McAuliffe, introduced me to What the font! – a web service which can identify the font used in a digital graphic.  This is hugely useful if you’re trying to recreate the look of something like a movie poster.  In the past its been a case of wading through your font files trying to get the look right.

Kevin’s tutorial shows how you take a image which contains a font and then just upload it to the website.  You manually verify each letter and then the service does its thing.  I will say when I tried it, it wasn’t as smooth as in the tutorial, my font came back with 10 or so matches as opposed to a single perfect match.   Even so, going to 10 fonts is still A LOT quicker than going through several hundred.



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