FIXED: Read-only error on your phone’s SD card

Argh! Pants!  Nooooooo!  I’ve knacked my phone!?!?!?!

Just some of the many thoughts that went through my head on Friday when in the middle of a workshop, I went to show someone a picture I’d taken on my phone.   Suddenly the gallery crashed and an alert popped up saying “SD Card Readonly” or something equally terror inducing.

Adding to the panic, all my Apps disappeared, just leaving their names on the desktop with the generic Android logo.  It was like a graveyard.

Trying to calm down the panic, I turned the phone off.  Then turned it on again.   The alert came straight back.  I imagined the chortles of iPhone fans taunting “this doesn’t happen with Apple products”.

Removing the battery and starting up still didn’t fix the problem. 

That’s when I turned to the internet.  And as always, it solved my problem.  Eventually. 

How your parents see you when you're fixing their computer

How your parents see you when you're fixing their computer

What really hapens

What really hapens

Plenty of others have experienced this same panic and the default suggestion is… well let’s not say pig-stupid, let’s use the term over-reaction.    You see in some IT support circles the next stage after “turn it off and turn it back on again” is “format the storage”.  It’s sort of like demolishing a railway line and building a new one next to it just because there were leaves on the track.

All I needed to do was:

  • Plug my phone into my PC and open My Computer.  
  • Right-clicking on the SD drive icon and choosing Tools
  • Then click the Check Now button in the error-checking section.
  • Windows will then scan the drive and correct the errors.

Tools, Error Checking

It’s the same process that happens when you plug in a memory stick that was ejected incorrectly.

Phew, panic over.


2 Responses to FIXED: Read-only error on your phone’s SD card

  1. Ollie says:

    Thanks you! Worked perfectly.

  2. Jenny says:

    Have had this problem for a while with my cherry tablet (android jelly bean). SD changes to read only after use with tablet. And though I can add files by using the card directly with my pc, I can’t with my tablet. When checking files properties in windows the read only box is checked. But when I uncheck it, close the screen and re open file properties the box shows checked again.

    All google searches and questions on cherry mobility and android boards ever brought before were answers like ‘return the sd, because it’s probably broken or a cheap knockoff’.
    The store kept replacing them even though they kept telling me it was the a-brand they usually recommended as their best. And they usually never got complaints.

    Finally something else to try solving it myself!!! My current card is the 3rd so I’ll hope this works more permanently. Let you know!!!

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