I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this product before. I’m sure there are lots of similar products, but I found FileMonkey have been blown away with how useful it is every time I use it.


FileMonkey's interface

It costs $29.

FileMonkey does two things and does them very well.  It renames batches of files for you. 

Frequently, I’ll have a huge number of files that need for one reason or another to be renamed.   Say, for instance, we have a bunch of student made mp3 files that we want to play through a flash player.   Ideally, they’d all be uniformly named so I don’t have to program in each individual student name and Flash doesn’t like spaces in filenames either.   Before I found FileMonkey, I would have to sit and rename each file.  The opposite is true with FileMonkey, instead I just go into the file rename option, set up the parameters and press OK.   Job done.

The second thing it does is rewrite file contents.   I know, scary.   But you can limit its parameters to just search out web pages, (it automatically filters out some file types).  It’s proven really handy lately.   In about 20 minutes it added a small security code to close to 100,000 web pages.  I just did a find and replace on the </head> tag to be </head><plus some stuff> and job done.

It might not be the prettiest bit of software ever, but it gets the done job and saves me a huge amount of time.


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