FIXED: Printing sites in FrogLearn

Not so much a fix as a hack, but it works, it’s quick and it solves a problem.

Bagel holder  from a CD spindle

This is an AWESOME lifehack!

At Cramlington, we switched on FrogLearn in September 2014 and it’s been a great success so far.  Our teachers have loved the control they have and the flexibility of editing anywhere.


What they haven’t loved is the frustration that comes with trying to print a lesson plan.

A Cramlington Lesson plan

Pictured: A pretty lesson

Print view

Pictured: a not so pretty lesson









Due to the way FrogLearn generates sites, you end up seeing all layers when attempting to print.

Why print?

One could ask the question: “if all your lessons and materials are online, why do you need to print at all?”

Let’s just say, there are certain bodies out there who like the concept of a printed lesson plan and leave it that at.

I should also add that Frog are aware of this issue and I believe are working towards a fix.

The Solution

I’ve outlined the solution in the video below:


  1. Drag to select all the text you want to print
  2. Go to the Print settings in Chrome
  3. Choose Selection only

And that’s it. At least it worked for me. Hopefully it will help you as well.


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