July 21, 2010

Here’s a couple of quick tips in one post.   If you want to drive up viewing figures for your blog, just pop the word “iPad” into your post somewhere.   Actually given the amount of spam that post attracted maybe that’s not such a good tip 🙂

Ok, onto the actual tip.


This really handy bit of software sits on your computer like a printer.   You “print” to it and it outputs a PDF file of whatever you have sent.

It’s very handy for converting any Office document into something anyone on any computer or mobile phone can read.   Adobe Acrobat (the software that reads PDFs) is free and already on 99% of the world’s computers so that makes it VERY compatible.

 Printing isn’t limited to Office documents of course, photos, posters, web pages can all be converted for ease of distribution.  

I wonder if the iPad reads PDF?  🙂

July 9, 2010

Shhh, don’t tell anyone about this tip.  

Well alright you can.  Frequently I get asked to open up PDF files that have been bought in.   In most cases it’s because some educational product has a distracting picture on the bottom or commercial section or simply because the teacher involved only wants the students to see part of the paragraph.

Lots of educational resource makers lock their PDFs, presumably under the assumption that this will prevent theft of materials.  And while it does; the truth is, it really just gets in the way. 

Recently I was asked to turn a practice exam paper into a flash-based self-marking exam.   But the exam board has locked their PDFs.  Why?  Probably because some amateur web designer given the task thought it would be good.   Problem for me was that I can even highlight the text in a locked PDF!

Then I turned to

This website allows you to upload a protected PDF and save out an non-protected version.   Ultimately just another of those tools that makes my life a little bit easier