Scenalyzer Live

June 24, 2010

Impossible to say, but also impossible to do without.   In my previous post about the Canopus ADVC-55, I talked about recording video and TV programmes onto your computer.  Trouble with that is you have to sit over your computer while it records.  Unless you use Scenalyzer Live.  

Scenalyzer Live

For just $34, this software allows you to both timer record and set a stop-record timer.  

In a classic case of work smart not hard, you can set Scenalyzer recording and go do something else.   Especially useful if  you’ve already seen the programme your capturing.   It has saved me countless man-hours in the office, with Scenalyzer running on a second computer, allowing me to get on with other work.

Green Valley / Canopus ADVC 55

June 22, 2010

This is probably the most expensive “thing” I’m going to talk about, but what a difference it makes to my working life.

Green Valley ADVC 55

The ADVC-55 takes in analogue video from almost any source, VHS, Sky+, camcorder and outputs as firewire.  This allows you to take any old video and record it onto a computer. 

The signal is clean, so you won’t have codec issues or anything like that getting in the way.  It’s a great way to keep using those old VHS-ed schools programmes and an even better way to grab all those new documentaries.

THe ADVC-55 comes in at around £120, (warned you it was pricey) but for convenience and ease of use, I can’t reccomend it enough.