My job

July 23, 2010

Cramlington made it official yesterday, elevating me to the lofty role of VLE Coordinator.

A VLE (when used best) is the portal for everything the school does.  Like The Force and Gaffa tape, it binds us together; providing a one-stop shop for lessons, homeworks, notices and safe social networking.  While many platforms are little more than file storage, a VLE should be so much more.   Teachers can pull down resources for the class, and push out work to the students.  As gateway, a VLE can be the launching pad to encourage research and collaboration and independent learning.  A communal meeting point, it can bring a school together through shared experience.

We use Frog as our Virtual Learning Environment which can be used “out of the box” but like all products pushing it to its limits takes additional effort.   I’m very pleased and honoured not only by the school’s senior team for this promotion but also from the reaction of the teaching staff which has been positive to say the least.

 Don’t worry loyal readers 🙂  I’m sure my new duties won’t interfere with writing this blog and more 20 tips and poor english real soon!