TV studio

July 29, 2010

So typical, after just promising that there would be no drop off in blog posts, I’ve been away from WordPress for a week!

I do have a good excuse though, we’ve spent the better part of the first week of the holidays rewiring our greenscreen TV studio.

Greenscreen TV Studio

I’m very proud of that studio, which unlike most school’s was entirely fitted by myself and colleagues.  There are some excellent companies out there, like PlanetDV who will do all the heavy lifting for you, but they do charge for the fitting.

Also, the majority of systems use professional software which adds another layer of complexity to the filming process.  With the best will in the world, students don’t need high-end products as a studio when used correctly is more about confidence building and public speaking skills.

The studio cost less than £7000 to fit completely (compare this to a nearby City Learning Centre’s £250,000).  I’ve often talked about sharing how we did this and so it’s about time I did.  

In the coming weeks alongside the 20 tips, I’ll be posting a breakdown of how I designed the studio, the choices I made and the impact it has had on teaching and learning.  Hopefully by the completion you’ll have a shopping list of everything you need to replicate the facility, if you so desire.  and if not, you might be a little entertained along the way.

20 tips in 20 posts!

May 23, 2010

Back in March, I spoke at Alite‘s annual L2 Users Conference.  In the past I’ve ran workshops on the use of ICT in learning to learn classes and how simple technologies can enhance a lesson.

This year, Alistair Smith asked me to do a rapid fire presentation entitled “20 things in 30 minutes”.   The idea was to info dump as many different tips, tricks, software and hardware as I could fit into 30 minutes.   

Preparing the presentation I was quite worried that the audience of experienced teachers would have seen it all before.  That most, if not all, would be bored with the ideas on screen.   That didn’t happen (not wanting to brag, and after all I can’t as it wasn’t my idea 🙂 ) the room was full of teachers frankly trying to write down everything I was saying.  I kept promising to ensure the presentation would appear on Alite’s website, just to save everyone from the mad scribbling.    In the end, I ran over.   This was a realy shame as I had to skip about 5 great websites.

The concept of getting all these simple tips “out there” baked in my head for a while until it suddenly occured to me – a blog – this blog in fact.   I’m going to start by posting (with brief explanation) each of those 20 tips, tricks, software and hardware and we’ll see where we get to from there.