Xilisoft Video Converter

July 5, 2010

In recent posts I’ve spent some time talking about getting videos off youtube, or old tapes etc…but not mention the best way to get them to your students.

There are dozens of video converters out there, but my preference lies with Xilisoft. (I pronounce it “zilly-soft”, but that’s a guess)

Xilisoft Video Converter

This software just works.   It’s $35 (don’t get confused by the Platinum and Ultimate additions – the standard does everything you need).  Just drag your video into the software, set your type of video output (it has dozens of optimised presets – everythign from iPad and Android phones, to general web video – even has MS Zune !!?)

Like I’ve said, there are plenty of video converters out there, some for free, but Xilisoft works and works well.  It especially good at keeping audio and video from YouTube synchronised.

Download Helper and/or KeepVid

July 2, 2010

After the extravangances of recent posts, I thought it best to redress the balance with a freebie or two.

Grabbing videos off YouTube is a very useful way of getting some really useful content and being able to rely on it not disappearing. 

Firstly, for your firefox users out there, there is a great plugin (sorry add-on) called Downloadhelper.  Once installed it puts a tiny button on the YouTube pages.  Clicking that button downloads the video.  Simple as that.

Downloadhelper for Firefox

But if you’re not allowed to run Firefox, you can always use KeepVid.  This website works in a very similar way.  Just paste the address of the YouTube video you want into the box on the front page and you get instantly download that video.

Personally, I prefer downloadhelper.  It’s quicker and easier, but if you not able to install Firefox, then KeepVid does the job.