Dublin Bay green

August 31, 2010

In my last post on this topic I talked about digital cameras and how green works best.  But then, what green should you use.

The technology has improved greatly from a couple of years ago and exact colour doesn’t matter as much as it once did.   You can certainly avoid the specialist paints for chromakey which sell at nearly £60 a litre!

Dulux's Dublin Bay greenI went to the local B&Q and looked through colour charts until I found that closest I could to Primary Green.   Dulux’s Dublin Bay 3 is a really strong, quite dark green which when lit by a couple of cold ceiling lights produces a very good result.

The most important thing with painting a room is making sure the surface is evenly painted so that the wall is the same colour all over.  That’s the important bit, uniformity. 

Oh and do make sure you buy the Matte finish, not the Satin or Gloss, the whole point of painting the wall one colour is defeated if the camera sees a great white splodge of reflected light.