My name’s Graham.   Graham Quince.  Pleased to meet you.

I’m the VLE Coordinator for a large secondary school in the North East of England and spend my days developing new and interesting e-learning resources for use on the school’s intranet and VLE.   A big part of my job is R&D and as such, I come across some really cool and clever things.   And I thought it’s about time I shared these discoveries with the wider world.

4 Responses to About

  1. Janet Chapman says:

    Graham – loved your presentation at the Achievement Show.

    • Graham Quince says:

      Thanks very much Janet. The Achievement show went really well for us. and we had a huge amount of feedback on the day. always nice to get something in print though 🙂

  2. Tim Dolan says:

    Hi Graham

    I have seen your impressive new blog for the first time today.

    One of my colleagues saw your presentation at the Achievement Show and was impressed by your Interactive Learning Wall (I think that is what it’s called). Would it be possible to find out more about it please?

    You can contact me by email or via my blog.
    Thank you

    • Graham Quince says:

      The learning wall is a great tool we use in every classroom at Cramlington. Unfortunately several of the concepts involved are other people’s. The result is we can use it internally, but we’re not allowed to share it/sell it. Sorry

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